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A trip to Schroon Lake is easy and accessible for all, but you may want to do more than scratch the surface here. Hiring a licensed wilderness guide can give you insight into the Schroon Lake Region's best kept secrets.

Grab some gear, get a wilderness guide, and hit the trail! 

2012 Hunting Seasons in our region (region 5): Northern Zone

Big Game:

Bow Hunting- Bear and Deer 9/27-10/19

Regular Big Game- Bear and Deer 10/20-12/2

Muzzle Loader- Bear and Deer 10/13-10/19

Early Bear 9/15-10/12

Small Game:

Varying Hare (snowshoe hare) 10/1-3/17 2013

Cottontail rabbit 10/1-3/17 2013

Squirrel 9/1-2/28 2013

Ruffed Grouse 9/20-2/28 2013

Fall Turkey 10/1-10/20

Spring Turkey 5/1-5/31

Spring Youth Turkey Hunt 4/21-22

Bobcat 10/25-2/15 2013

Raccoon/fox 10/25-2/15 2013

Coyote 10/1-3/24 2013

Statewide Angling Regulations

Trout- Brook, Brown, Rainbow, splake 4/1-10/15

Lake Trout 4/1-10/15

Land locked Salmon 4/1-10/15

Black Bass (Largemouth/smallmouth) 3rd Saturday in June-11/30

Northern Pike 1st Saturday in May-3/15

Pickerel- 1st Saturday in May -3/15

Walleye- 1st Saturday in May -3/15

Crappie- All year

Perch- All year

Sun Fish- All year

Regulations vary by region and body of water.

Free fishing days in NYS: June 23-24 2012 (no license required)


Lake Placid, NY 12946

31 Krissica Way - PO Box 446
Schroon Lake, NY 12870

62 Hardscrabble Road
Olmstedville, NY 12857

Main Street
Newcomb, NY 12852

PO Box 193
Newcomb, NY 12852

Route 9
Schroon Lake, NY 12870