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The weekend of November 18 and 19 is going to be a special one for hunters. Gift and treasure hunters, that is. This is the weekend for both Holiday Craft Fairs, one in Schroon Lake and another two-day fair in Newcomb. Craft fairs might be my favorite place to shop for gifts for people I love, and to find things I love. I love wearable artI tell my husband he lucked out, in many ways, of course!
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North Hudson has a lovely bunch of pond hikes, and a particular set of three are worth investigating. They are all close together and good for any skill level. They also let hikers choose how long they want to hike, and how much water they will find at the end. All three are located on Ensign Pond Road, along a 2.5 mile stretch. There's parking at the trailheads. Short and sweetThe Gero Pond
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The extraordinary twin history of Tahawus and Newcomb is being celebrated in a new museum, The Newcomb Historical Museum. This town-wide endeavor included the complete restoration of the bungalow that houses the museum, a "kit home" that was put up in the early 1920s. Inside, the decorating and displays swing from very early in their history to the post-WWII developments that had a great impact
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If you love scenic biking loops through cute little towns, past mighty rivers, and into deep forest, Teddy's Trail is an 80 mile bike loop you must try. Fall's crisp temperatures and colorful foliage add enjoyment to this loop. This is a fine ride in any biking season. It offers low traffic, wide shoulders, plenty of places to take a break, roadside amenities, and stunning nature scenes with
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North Hudson is the smallest of the four villages that comprise the Schroon Lake area of the Adirondacks. They have wonderful hiking paths, including a town system that is a wonderful forest exploration. While it has traditionally been a quiet village, the cycle is turning. They are currently poised for renewal. Out of the pastOnce upon a time, there was Frontier Town. Before Disneyworld, before
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