Submitted by Shaun Kittle on Apr 22, 2016
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To me, summer means long treks into the backcountry. As any serious outdoors adventurer can attest, there isn't a single "correct" way to do that, although there are some guidelines worth adhering to. Those aside, outdoor exploration is a realm of self-sufficiency, an endeavor where tricks are acquired through conversation and experience. Long days outside means there's no easy way to get food
Submitted by Kim Rielly on Apr 18, 2016
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Clearing the dustGiven a forecast of sunny skies and mid-50 degree temperatures, we decided to take an afternoon off last week and revisit what we recalled as being a super paddling adventure. I looked back at my photo library, and realized that we had not paddled the Schroon River since 2010. Then I looked at my kayak, hanging in its storage rack on the side of a building, and realized that I
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on Apr 04, 2016
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Tough week at work? Stressed by something totally out of your control? Need a break from the everyday? Talk to Mother Nature she can help with all that. Taking that famous road less traveled can be a great start. Breathe in the cool air of a mountain peak or stroll through open forests to a peaceful back-country pond. Take a nap in the sun as a warm breeze washes over you from the south, or take
Submitted by Jess Collier on Mar 31, 2016
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SCHROON LAKE β€” Clean out your cupboards, because alcohol has been outlawed in Schroon Lake. On Thursday night, the Schroon town board voted 3-2 to re-institute Prohibition in the quaint Adirondack town. According to the town board members who voted in favor of the decision, visitors were having too much fun, so they had to nix it. β€œIt’s just too much β€” people laughing, grinning, singing
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on Mar 28, 2016
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If we dream of a delightful destination wedding, the Schroon Lake area has all the places we'd want to get away to. Our resorts have been catering to people, and making their dreams come true, for over a hundred years. If practice makes perfect, we can claim some awesome credentials. As seen in these wedding photos from a local studio, Bird On A Wire Photography, we'll make choosing the
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