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Hiking the Elk Lake Preserve, Chillin’ at Elk Lake LodgePart 1 of 3It has been a long time coming that Corenne and I were to stay at the Elk Lake Lodge. We have talked many times, over a cold beer, about hiking a bunch of their trails and revisiting the 100-highest peaks that reside on the property. You see, the trails on Elk Lake Property are only open to guests of the lodge, which in my opinion
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Piece of the pastIf you combine all of the gifts we’ve received, travel souvenirs we’ve collected and event swag we’ve been given, we have about 26.2 million t-shirts at our house. Though I have some favorites that I refuse to give up, older shirts eventually become painting garb, then rags before outlasting their usefulness and being thrown away altogether. The other day, though, I was
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… on an 8+ Mile LakeIt’s a gorgeous late summer morning as we head out of the High Peaks toward the beautiful lower Adirondack tracts, specifically to Schroon Lake. One of my favorite spots to swim, I have never actually been out on Schroon by boat. I’m excited. This is an exploration expedition I am taking with my co-workers Kelly and Shaun. We live only an hour from Schroon Lake, but know very
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The Dix Range5 Mountains over 4,000 feetKnown for its namesake Dix mountain, the Dix Range is home to five mountains over 4000 feet; East Dix, South Dix, Macomb, Hough and Dix. Of the five peaks only Dix has a maintained trail and the other four have herd paths that lead to each of the summits. The paths, while not official trails, are maintained fairly well and not too difficult to follow with
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As summer winds down in the Adirondacks, the days get shorter, the temperatures cool some and we look forward to the events of fall. But don’t forget there’s still some summer left, so enjoy the remainder with some of our ongoing events while you wait for fall to set in a bit later in September. In the art & workshop departments, there are still plenty of events on the calendar:
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