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As summer winds down in the Adirondacks, the days get shorter, the temperatures cool some and we look forward to the events of fall. But don’t forget there’s still some summer left, so enjoy the remainder with some of our ongoing events while you wait for fall to set in a bit later in September. In the art & workshop departments, there are still plenty of events on the calendar:
Submitted by Sue Cameron on Jul 17, 2014
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Schroon Lake, New York, has long been known for the incredible gathering of artistic talent during the summer months. Artists from far and wide gather at some of our most amazing music and art colonies here. IN LOVE WITH SHAKESPEARESo you thought William Shakespeare died decades ago eh? Well, deep in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains Shakespeare is alive and well. The Adirondack
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They say you can never go back… I beg to differ. Year after year as a child my summers were spent in Schroon Lake. As I think about the upcoming Fourth of July and the hopping Summer Season, I am thrown back into the carefree days of making innocent summer memories - I can’t wait to introduce my almost-5 year old to these same adventures. My Dad was born in Pottersville, and his family had lived
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Events are all over the calendar in the Schroon Lake Region during the next few weeks. There’s something for everyone! Strawberries, strawberries!If fresh, local strawberries are a favorite of yours, don’t miss the Schroon Lake-North Hudson Historical Society’s Strawberry Festival and opening day for the Museum on June 22, noon at the Museum on Main Street in Schroon Lake. Strawberry
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On the TrailsOn a typical good weather weekend you’ll see plenty of hikers at the popular trailheads such as the Giant Mountain Roaring Brook Trailhead. When we arrived at the trailhead after a short drive from where we were staying in Schroon Lake, we parked on the side of the road since the parking lot was full of other hikers. Here we met up with a few friends to take one of the less
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