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The Schroon Lake Region is a wonderful place to go when you want to explore and relax at your own pace. It is a special slice of the Adirondacks that has welcoming terrain for winter treks, and some surprises when it comes to sophisticated dining and shopping.

Here are some ideas to craft the kind of unique getaway only the Schroon Lake Region can provide.

Incredible nature

The winter forest in the Adirondacks has a limited color palette and texture, but all of the splendor is still there. To enjoy it to the fullest, plan a scenic drive and enjoy an outdoor activity. There are some exceptional places to see in winter that don't require a lot of effort to get to.

At the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, admission includes snowshoes, trekking poles, and a map to discover the property's beautiful vistas and overlooks. One path overlooks the river as it pours into the marble caves to create the famous stone bridge. Along the way there are wonderful ice sculptures created by the water, and further you'll find a multitude of paths that wind through woods and rock faces.

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves has great photo opportunities throughout their riverside property.

For the most enjoyable experience, be sure to bundle up properly. Wear insulated boots, thick socks, and gloves or mittens with a long enough cuff so they disappear into your coat sleeves. Science says some of our body heat escapes through our head, but on a cold day it feels like a lot, so wear a warm hat. Layers are a winter enthusiast's best friend. A warm, thin base layer next to the body, a thicker layer over that, and a windproof shell on the outside will trap heat and keep you warmer than a thick coat over a sweater.

Drive along the Hudson River on the way to the Adirondack Interpretive Center, where admission gets you snowshoes and a selection of beautiful trails. This photo was taken along the Sucker Brook Trail, which has many bridges that provide great scenic opportunities.

Taken from the Newcomb River bridge.

The Rich Lake Trail is an overview of the different trails, and it provides the option to continue on to the Peninsula Trail, which is a little under a mile long and circles through old-growth hemlocks.

Cloudsplitter Outfitters is happy to craft a custom winter adventure, from renting equipment to sending you out with a guide, all from their Newcomb location.

Overlook Park is a fine destination for beginners.

For a great view from a small mountain, the Severance Hill Trail is a 2.4 mile round trip that pays off with vistas of Schroon Lake, Pharoah Mountain, and Paradox Lake. Alpine skiing and all the amenities are just half an hour away at Gore Mountain.

Gearing down

Schroon Lake's quaint downtown has welcoming surprises. Pine Cone Mercantile is a shop full of furniture and decorative items, and it has a bakery and coffee shop in the back.

Enjoy the ambiance of Pinecone Mercantile and the coffee shop in the back.There are great places to eat, like Flanagan's Irish pub and Sticks and Stones bistro. And don't overlook the simple little place known as Pitkin's Restaurant, in the middle of downtown. Among Pitkin's menu items are tender ribs with homemade sauce and an incredible array of desserts. If you'd rather grab a drink, enjoy a brew at Paradox Brewery. A Pitikin's specialty is the peanut butter pie. It has been extensively taste tested.

Snug lodging

Choose from some delightful inns and bed and breakfasts. Fans of getting away when they get away would be interested with the trails right outside the door at Rocky Acres Inn B&B, or the scenic neighborhood of Lake Paradox at the Lake Paradox Club and Paradox House Retreat.

Paradox House Retreat among the forests of Paradox Lake.

The Adirondack Inn is right downtown, while Schroon Lake B&B is a classic old inn at the other end of town. This place has beautiful grounds.

Schroon Lake B&B is a charming historic inn.

If you want a cabin, I love the one at the Maple Leaf Motel. It is a charming place with a view of the woods, a stained glass panel in the door, and a gas fireplace. Rowe's Adirondack Cabins have full kitchens and come in a variety of sizes.

There's plenty to do, see, and enjoy in the Schroon Lake Region. Our blogger recommends some fun nightlife in Weekend Crasher.

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