Round Pond from Sharp Bridge State Campground
Your Adirondack Basecamp


The hike now is a magical one as it leads you above East Mill Flow to a somewhat major intersection. At this intersection you can head straight to the edge of the Round Pond and outstanding views from a rocky location.


Take Exit 29 off of Interstate 87, turn right and then turn left on Route 9 to follow it north. Continue to the Sharp Bridge State Campground, which will be on the right. There is parking near the entrance.  

Trail Description

From the parking area, locate Schroon Brook to the right and head down to it. Follow it upstream to the main trail.

Once on the main trail you will hike a very pleasant course through the quiet forest. There will be a decent climb up into the saddle between Greenough and Clap mountains. This is followed by a slight descent as you walk along the base of Clap Mountain.

Elevation Gain

230 feet

Distance Round Trip

10.4 miles 

Plan on this relatively long hike to take at least 4 hours to complete, and longer for slower hikers.


A long trek but not very demanding in terms of terrain.

More Information
Route 9
North Hudson, NY, 12855
(518) 532-7675
More Information
Route 9
North Hudson, NY, 12855
(518) 532-7675
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