Jones Hill
Your Adirondack Basecamp

This destination lies off any developed and mapped trail system; the use and understanding of GPS and/or map and compass is highly recommended. When traveling off-trail you will experience hazards not realized on a trail, expect more difficult and varying conditions and always lean toward safety as a priority. 

How to get there

From the intersection of Hoffman Road (cr24) and Route 9, follow Hoffman Road. Continue for 2.5 miles or so to the trailhead parking on the right. The trailhead has parking for several cars. The trail is on the left of the parking lot.  

Trail Description

To reach Jones Hill you will have to hike the trail back toward Big Pond and Hoffman Notch. Staying on a fairly flat trail you will cross a bridge near a small pond over an outlet. From here remain on the trail for roughly another 0.75 miles. There used to be a very distinctive herd path in this area leading to North Pond, but it can be very difficult to locate. If you can locate it that’s great, it is blazed and flagged in areas. The herd path will bring you to North Pond in 0.25 miles and then past it to the east. 

If you cannot find the herd path take a heading to North Pond and hike around it keeping it to your left. The forest is very open and easy to navigate. There is an unnamed pond north of North Pond which also needs to be skirted to the east. Remain in the lowlands as you can and hit higher ground if you need to get out of any wet areas.  Jones Hill’s southern ridge is directly north and easy to locate. Once on the ridge the climbing is moderate. Views will start to come out as you climb; stay right toward the cliffs for added views. The summit and the ledges offer outstanding views of the area, they should not be missed. Retrace your steps to get back to the trail.    



Elevation Gain


Distance Round Trip

6.0 miles

Approximate Time Round Trip

Family with Young Kids: Not recommended 

Experienced Hiker: 5 to 5.5 hours

Out of Shape Hiker: Not recommended

More Information
Hoffman Rd
Schroon Lake, NY, 12870
(518) 532-7675
More Information
Hoffman Rd
Schroon Lake, NY, 12870
(518) 532-7675
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