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Couchsachraga Peak, nicknamed Couchy, is most often climbed as a trio of all three Santanoni Peaks in a day. Using the Times Square herd-path and the Santanoni Express Route for a traverse will save time and distance, but you will need to leave Santanoni for last or do it first. Couchsachraga Peak is flanked to the east by Panther Peak, the final mountain in the range.

There is no marked trail to the summit so being able to work a map and compass is recommended. This is a fully forested summit which blocks most views. Santanoni is the true gem of the range, and is considered to have the best views.

This Adirondack 46 High Peak is number 46 on the list.

"Couchsachraga" is based on an Algonquin or Huron name for the area, meaning "dismal wilderness". It is known for swampy trails, so pick the right boots and stay on the herd path.

The southern sides of Couchsachraga drains into Calahan Brook, Moose Creek, and the Cold River. The northeast and northern sides of Couchsachraga drain via several brooks into the Cold River itself.

Couchsachraga was classed as a 46er per the 1897 survey of the Adirondacks, meaning it was considered over 4,000 feet. A 1953 USGS found to be actually lower, but tradition includes all 46 peaks.


3,820 feet

Round Trip Distance

13.9 miles

Average Round-trip Time

8 to 10 Hours, 10 to 12 with Panther and Couchy

Primary Trailhead

Reach Newcomb from the east off the North Hudson exit of the Northway, via the Blue Ridge Road (County Route 84) or from the west by Route 28N.

Look for the intersection with the Tahawus Road (CR25) and follow this road 6.3 miles to a left, marked by a sign for Mt. Marcy and the High Peaks. At 2.0 miles from this junction there is a parking lot on the left for Santanoni.

Alternate Trailhead

Santanoni has an interesting trail along its east flank that used to be used quite often but was on private property, it is now open again to the public and aptly named “The Santanoni Express Route.” It’s steep and eroded but gets you up high and on the ridge really quickly; see the primary route above.


The views in winter are actually quite good when standing on several feet of snow. The trail firms up. Bushwhacking skills are a must.

Most Popular Winter Trailhead 

Times Square Herd Path from Upper Works

Winter Obstacles to be Aware Of

Very deep snow on the way to Couchy if not broken out prior to your visit.

Getting to Times Square

From the trailhead you will follow an access road for 1.8 miles where the foot trail for Bradley Pond Lean-to comes in. The trail remains moderate and crosses a couple larger streams. The grade remains steady but moderate to the herd path for Times Square. The herd path is easy to locate as it crosses at the base of a wetland. From here the herd path remains flat until you pass Bradley Pond. From Bradley Pond you will climb very steeply up above the pond and begin a steady and demanding climb up to Times Square. You will hit the ridge where the herd path splits. Left is Times Square in about 100 feet. 

From Times Square follow the herd path that consistently descends for quite some time to a shallow col.The descent isn’t too steep but it is long and you will lose a bunch of elevation that you will need to climb to get back to Times Square. There is one steep drop over a small ledge that brings you to the Couchy Swamp. The swamp should be frozen adequately for easy crossing.

The climb on the opposite side is very mellow up to the final pitch that is steep and short.

More Information
Upper Works
Newcomb, NY, 12852
(518) 532-7675
More Information
Upper Works
Newcomb, NY, 12852
(518) 532-7675

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