What to read from 2014
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The Schroon Lake Region is a super interesting place, so there’s tons of great stuff that can be written about it. Sifting through the last year of blog posts, there are some great options worth reading again. Here are my five favorites!

1. The moving village of Tahawus

I wrote this one, and it was definitely one of my favorite pieces to write. I had heard the story of how the village of Tahawus (pronounced tuh-HAWS, not tah-HA-wuss!) was moved 12 miles down the road when I was bartending in Long Lake years ago, and it always fascinated me.

It was really cool to learn more about it. I got to check out photos and video from Tahawus and the move, I talked to some people who lived and worked there and in Newcomb when the move happened, and I got to see parts of Newcomb I had never checked out before. The historical society there is so cool - definitely check it out if you get a chance. Writing this blog post was an overall great experience!

2. The ride heard around the world - Theodore Roosevelt’s ride to the presidency

There’s so much great history throughout the Adirondacks, but the Teddy Roosevelt story is one of our biggest claims to fame, and it’s so interesting to read about. Vice President Roosevelt loved the Adirondacks and was staying in the now-defunct village of Adirondac, near Newcomb, when he found out that his president, William McKinley, had been shot in Buffalo.

He took off for Buffalo immediately, but he was still traveling through the Adirondacks when McKinley died and he became president. Read more in Spencer’s blog post about it!

3. 3 hour tour

Part of the reason that Schroon Lake is such a great place is that the village is situated right on the big, beautiful lake. I love this post Kim A. wrote over the summer about their great day on it.

I was so jealous of them getting out of the office and spending the day on the lake on a beautiful, sunny day. They got to swim, wakeboard, eat delicious food and boat around the lake. But my envy subsided a tad when I heard about how the boat had some troubles and they got stranded in the middle of the lake for an extra hour or two. Too funny!

4. Schroon Lake - a summer haven for culture

I’ve always been into the arts: I was in band, chorus and every play I could get into throughout elementary and high school, and I majored in creative arts with concentrations in theater and music in college. So Schroon Lake is my kind of town, and this blog post proves it.

I loved reading Sue’s post about all the amazing creative offerings in this unique little village, including the Adirondack Shakespeare Company, the Seagle Music Colony, the Schroon Lake Arts Council’s many activities and the annual Folk Music Fest. It makes me want to spend the whole summer there next year! Who’s with me?

5. Ski trip to Gore and Schroon

Gore Mountain is a great place to ski and board, so I loved Nicole’s post about her and Kelly’s trip there last January. The next time I make the trip down there, I’ll definitely hit up Schroon Lake afterward and try out all its great apres ski (well, apres board for me) dining and lodging options! They sound great!

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