Schroon Lake Hunting, Spring Turkey

Talking turkey in the Schroon Lake Region

When hunters talk of the Schroon Lake region, it's generally in reverent tones, almost always about the big-woods, backcountry deer hunting the region's sprawling wilderness offers every fall.

But there's something else. And it's about to happen again this spring. And no, it's not the backcountry brook trout fishing or trolling scenic Schroon Lake, both of which also attract plenty of attention each May.

While many sportsmen and women wouldn't think of it, some of the state's most productive spring turkey hunting can be found in the Schroon Lake region, on big tracts of public land where gobblers sound off each morning, hunting pressure is low and, as a result, the toms can be cooperative.

Very cooperative.

It's a secret the locals who have discovered the outstanding spring gobbler hunting would like to keep to themselves, but the region is rapidly becoming known as an unsung, under-the-radar go-to destination for spring gobbler hunting.

While some areas of New York have actually seen a decline in turkey numbers on the heels of some poor production and brood-rearing seasons, northern New York bird numbers have blossomed, thanks to good nesting conditions and mild winters that have led to good survivability of birds and plenty of longbeards (adult gobblers) and jakes (juvenile toms) on the landscape.

And they're getting fired up to talk turkey with you this spring. From North Hudson to Minerva to Newcomb to the town of Schroon, the birds will be sounding off on the roost at sunrise, looking for a lovesick hen. You can play that role, bringing a strutting gobbler into shotgun range with some seductive calling.

It is, arguably – though turkey hunters won't argue – the most exciting kind of hunting you can experience. And the odds are tipped in your favor in the Schroon Lake region by the expansive parcels of state-owned land that allows you to make a move on a talking tom, as well as the low hunting pressure that virtually assures the bird is all yours.

It starts April 20-21 with the popular youth turkey hunt for 12 to 15 year olds, with the regular season running May 1-31. 

For specifics on hunting season dates, be sure to check out the Guide Services page.

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