NEA Big Read Project

Sat, 05/19/2018

Recently, Schroon Lake Central School, the Schroon Lake Library, and the Schroon Lake/North Hudson Historical Society worked together to apply for a "Big Read" grant.  The Big Read is a grant program run by the National Endowment for the Arts and its goal is to get all of the people in a community to read the same good book.

The way a Big Read works is that a community selects a book (from an established list) that fits the interest of the town, they provide a copy of the book to everyone who is interested, and then they arrange a month of activities centered around the book, culminating in a community festival.

As you may know, Schroon Lake/North Hudson has a connection with Frontier Town, the former wild west amusement park.  In order to capitalize on our Frontier Heritage, our Big Read application revolved around the classic western "True Grit".  We are pleased to announce that we received an $8600 grant and that we have planned a month of activities (starting April 20) and culminating with a Wild West/Frontier Festival (May 19th).  I have attached a schedule for the month.  

One aspect of the Big Read month that might interest your readers is the lantern tour run by the historical society.  Schroon Lake is a beautiful and historic town.  The lantern tour and the other activities will highlight our heritage.  The plan is also to have historic reenactors at the homes when the tour arrives.  These reenactors will talk about what life would have been like back in the 1800's.

The Festival at the end of the month will be particularly interesting as we plan to reenact some of the best features and events of Frontier Town.  The festival will also include country/blue grass music, square dancing in the street, a wild west juggling and unicycling show, a farm yard animal display, and much more.

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>>Time: 12:00 AM
>>Admission: Free

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