Schroon Lake

Submitted by Shaun Kittle on Nov 21, 2016
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Unless you’re going to lug a battery-operated space heater through the forest, a fire is your best bet for staying warm at night in the mountains. Campfires are allowed in most areas of the Adirondacks, but that doesn’t help if you can’t get one going. First, let's take a look at the basics of fire starting, then we’ll bring it inside because nothing beats a wood stove or fireplace on a frigid
Submitted by Jess Collier on Nov 10, 2016
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It’s finally the holiday season! I love the holidays because it’s just one big party for more than a month straight. Seeing friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, meeting new people and making new friends - there's so much fun in store each holiday season! Schroon Lake is a wonderful place to head for the holidays. The town has a holiday decorating contest each year, so the streets are
Submitted by Kim Andresen on Nov 07, 2016
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The water bodies of the Schroon Lake Region in the Adirondacks are some of the cleanest, coldest, and most inviting in the state. Where do you prefer to take the plunge, dip your toes, or paddle the boat? Keep voting for your ADK favorites: Family-friendly, close-to-town trek with best views? Where will you reel in the big one? Favorite 6er? Which way up? Winter activities, anyone?
Submitted by Kim Andresen on Oct 18, 2016
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Big city vs. a small-town girlI was driving through a larger city last week, freaking out about the onslaught of stop lights and the multiple lanes of traffic, when I got into a debate with my travel mates. Everyone in the car was from what I term "downstate" - y'know, not from the 'dacks. And oddly enough, they all contend that it was much easier to navigate and travel in urban/suburban areas.
Submitted by Sue Cameron on Oct 05, 2016
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Breads and sweets and moreTucked away in the back corner of the Pine Cone Mercantile on Schroon Lake’s Main Street is one of the best hidden gems in the region. If you love baked goods, run — don’t walk — to the North Woods Bread Company! Sporting one of the freshest, cleanest-looking signage walls I’ve seen in a long time, NWBC is a powerhouse with a tiny footprint. Owner and baker, Edward