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Submitted by Kim Andresen on Oct 18, 2016
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Big city vs. a small-town girlI was driving through a larger city last week, freaking out about the onslaught of stop lights and the multiple lanes of traffic, when I got into a debate with my travel mates. Everyone in the car was from what I term "downstate" - y'know, not from the 'dacks. And oddly enough, they all contend that it was much easier to navigate and travel in urban/suburban areas.
Submitted by Sue Cameron on Oct 05, 2016
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Breads and sweets and moreTucked away in the back corner of the Pine Cone Mercantile on Schroon Lake’s Main Street is one of the best hidden gems in the region. If you love baked goods, run — don’t walk — to the North Woods Bread Company! Sporting one of the freshest, cleanest-looking signage walls I’ve seen in a long time, NWBC is a powerhouse with a tiny footprint. Owner and baker, Edward
Submitted by Kim Andresen on Sep 26, 2016
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Editor's note: As we're coming into peak oliage season, I'm reminded of this blog highlighting a favorite family tradition. First published in fall of 2015, the sentiment remains true, and I can't wait to hit the road this weekend to see exactly what colors are currently on display! It's tradition: Scenic DrivingLong before cell phones and high-speed internet, back in the day when you couldn't
Submitted by Emilee Hazelden on Aug 30, 2016
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Fall in Schroon Lake is a wonderful and very colorful time of year. It’s time to get outside and soak in some of that cool fall air and take in breathtaking scenic views out over the lake. Make your last trip before the snow comes a good one and plan ahead for Schroon Lake’s many fall events. Clawesome Lobster! Clear your plate and head over the Schroon Lake’s Fish and Game Club on Saturday,
Submitted by Sue Cameron on Aug 22, 2016
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I have a nostalgic streak that draws me to historic places. When deciding which attractions to visit this season, I went off the familiar path and chose an Adirondack attraction I had driven past the signs for all my life but never visited. I was excited at the prospect of finally visiting this natural wonder. One of our oldest and best attractionsNatural Stone Bridge and Caves is one of the