Schroon Lake

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Mid-winter in the Schroon Lake Region means EVENTS!Snowshoe hikes at the Adirondack Interpretive CenterBird walks at the Adirondack Interpretive CenterFull moon partiesGreat camp toursChili cookoffFishing derby Coming up during the next few weeks, there's lots to keep you busy and it's all about the outdoors when it comes to events.  Take a hike at the AIC...The Adirondack Interpretive
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Schroon Lake Base Camp Gore Mountain Ski Trip As a working mom of three, including toddler twins, it's a rare occasion to enjoy time with my girlfriends. More often than not this time is much needed, and helps me refresh to really be a better mom and on top of my game. Traveling is important to my husband and I and we make time for quick jaunts here and there, however the girls trips are few
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Concerned that your summer “to do” list is going to interfere with your time on the water?Not to worry.These hot August days were made for “getting all your work done during the day” and “fishin’ early and late.”If you’re looking for a quiet paddle on a pond or lake at a relaxing pace, or a quick and productive fishing outing on your boat, stick to sunrise and sunset.Once the kids roll out of bed
Submitted by Steve Piatt on Jul 30, 2013
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This time of year, when water temperatures are an issue on the region's trout streams, I feel more like a turkey hunter – arising well before dawn and staggering out the door to go trout fishing.But that's what we have to do right now, since water temps generally rise steadily during the day and often by mid- to late morning have reached the high 60s and sometimes higher. That's much too high for
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When spring comes to the Adirondacks, it's a glorious sight. The bright blue sky domes deciduous trees showing hints of green. Birds sing, frogs croak and all around are the sounds of water running over rocks. Even a short hike is a treat for the senses.We were getting a late morning start, so my son and I headed back to the Hammond Pond Wilderness in North Hudson to explore Chalis Pond. The