Submitted by Steve Piatt on May 15, 2013
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On paper, my game plan in most spring gobbler seasons isto take a longbeard – or, let's be honest here, a jake – with my bow.And I'm serious. I practice religiously; everything I do related to turkey hunting is done with reverence. My shooting entering this particular season was as good as ever (translated: decent) and I was armed, in addition to the Mathews Z7, with a portable blind as well as
Submitted by Steve Piatt on Jan 07, 2013
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I have to admit, I haven't done a lot of predator hunting.A red fox here, a gray fox there, and a couple unsuccessful outings for coyotes– which, from what serious predator pursuers tell me, isn't unusual.But I've always marveled at how those die hard predator hunters speak with reverence of their prey, the sport itself, and the satisfaction that comes from luring a fox, coyote or even a bobcat
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When you live in the Adirondacks and hunt and fish, you become a de facto guide simply by the number of friends from outside the region who want to come up and visit and experience the outdoor opportunities this spectacular place offers.I can usually accommodate them, especially if we're talking about spring gobblers. Maybe even deer; I did, in fact, lead a Pennsylvania pal deep into the bush a
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You can imagine that as editor of a statewide hunting andfishing publication, I see my share of big buck photos. And over the course of my newspaper career I've always been a hands-on kind of editor, so I manage to grab a camera with some regularity still and snap a few shots of big deer, big fish and turkeys.Sometimes – usually during spring gobbler season – I even end up on the other side of