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One way of knowing what people love about the Schroon Lake Region is what they share with each other. With that in mind, here are the Top Ten things people think about... when they think about us. History, fishing, and pieThe top most-shared blog of 2017 was about North Hudson history, which includes a fun video about Frontier Town. Our blog, A Day in North Hudson, covered the rise, fall, and
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In the midst of the forever-wild Adirondacks, there is a grand entrance to The Fitness Trail, located in Newcomb, New York, just off of Route 28N. It's a great tune-up trail for your body and mind to prepare for the winter running season. If the trailhead is not plowed you can take the turn into the nearby boat launch to find a parking spot. The Fitness Trailhead parking lot might not
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Submitted by Guest Blogger: Troy Thomas After a blend of hazelnut/chocolate coffee and a hearty, thoughtfully prepared, ham and cheese omelette breakfast, I set out early for my outing. Not five minutes into my journey, poised on the side of the road is a doe, regal in its timid stance, waiting to cross the road. I am grateful she saw me and I her. I remind myself that deer move from dusk until
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North Hudson has a lovely bunch of pond hikes, and a particular set of three are worth investigating. They are all close together and good for any skill level. They also let hikers choose how long they want to hike, and how much water they will find at the end. All three are located on Ensign Pond Road, along a 2.5 mile stretch. There's parking at the trailheads. Short and sweetThe Gero Pond
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North Hudson is the smallest of the four villages that comprise the Schroon Lake area of the Adirondacks. They have wonderful hiking paths, including a town system that is a wonderful forest exploration. While it has traditionally been a quiet village, the cycle is turning. They are currently poised for renewal. Out of the pastOnce upon a time, there was Frontier Town. Before Disneyworld, before