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Daily storage of your winter gearThroughout the winter season your gear gets wet then dry, wet then dry, and this process happens over and over again all season long – this can be tough on gear. The more active your season the more important it is to take care of your gear, which in turn takes care of you. While I don’t have all the answers to extend the life of your gear, I would like to get you
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Jones and Hedgehog Hills---Winter bushwhacking in the Hoffman Notch WildernessThe Hoffman Notch Wilderness is almost 39,000 acres of prime real estate butting right up to Hoffman Road in Schroon Lake. I made my decision to go and visit just a small portion of the beauty that lies within that green line they call wilderness. A buddy and I met at the exit for Schroon Lake off I-87 and carpooled
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Exploring the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness5 Family-Friendly HikesThe Pharaoh Lake Wilderness is located north of Schroon Lake with Route 74 bordering it to the north, East Shore Road to the west, and a small portion of Route 8 at the south end. The wilderness area is 1,100 acres in area, with around 70 miles of trails, and over three dozen bodies of water – not to mention the miles upon miles of
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Did you know there was an entire Adirondack village that was up and moved about 12 miles down the road in 1963? The village of Tahawus (pronounced tuh-HAWS, not tah-HA-wuss!) was built in the early 1940s around a mining operation. It was the middle of World War II, and the titanium there was very valuable. MacIntyre Development built housing for 180 families and 160 single men, plus other
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If you missed the begining of our story read them here: PART 1 | PART 2 Sunrise to new adventureWe had just come down off of Sunrise Mountain, which you might have read about last week. We actually still had a decent little hop in our step and were looking forward to checking out a couple of peaks we had never been up before - Clear Pond Mountain and Grandpa Pete Mountain. The trailhead was a bit