Get the local scoop on the bountiful stream, pond and lake fishing in the Schroon Lake Region of the Adirondacks.
Submitted by Bethany Valenze on Feb 07, 2018
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Not every fishing trip starts off with a 2-hour drive. But when the weather calls for blue bird skies and 20-degree weather, you make the drive to a lake you have never fished before. It’s always intimidating fishing on a lake you don’t know because, well, you don’t know it. We had done some research on Schroon Lake and we knew where we wanted to ice fish on the lake and we also knew that it was
Submitted by Shaun Kittle on Dec 20, 2017
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The Newcomb Winterfest is more than a celebration of all things winter, it’s also a glimpse into life in the Adirondacks. The free event happens Jan. 13 in Newcomb from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ruth and David Olbert, owners of Cloud-Splitter Outfitters, explained that life in the Adirondacks doesn’t end when it gets cold. Instead, people adapt. And skis help, too. “It’s truly a lifestyle because we
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on Dec 11, 2017
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One way of knowing what people love about the Schroon Lake Region is what they share with each other. With that in mind, here are the Top Ten things people think about... when they think about us. History, fishing, and pieThe top most-shared blog of 2017 was about North Hudson history, which includes a fun video about Frontier Town. Our blog, A Day in North Hudson, covered the rise, fall, and
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on Oct 18, 2017
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North Hudson has a lovely bunch of pond hikes, and a particular set of three are worth investigating. They are all close together and good for any skill level. They also let hikers choose how long they want to hike, and how much water they will find at the end. All three are located on Ensign Pond Road, along a 2.5 mile stretch. There's parking at the trailheads. Short and sweetThe Gero Pond
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on May 24, 2017
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If you've never tried camping, just the thought can seem daunting. But it's really like a video game. I like to think there are actually three "skill levels" to choose from. The Schroon Lake area has wonderful options at every level. Here are some tips to choose just the right mix of gorgeous nature and the easy side of civilization. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy everything we have to