Get the local scoop on the bountiful stream, pond and lake fishing in the Schroon Lake Region of the Adirondacks.
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on May 24, 2017
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If you've never tried camping, just the thought can seem daunting. But it's really like a video game. I like to think there are actually three "skill levels" to choose from. The Schroon Lake area has wonderful options at every level. Here are some tips to choose just the right mix of gorgeous nature and the easy side of civilization. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy everything we have to
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on May 04, 2017
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Whether you are pulling your own water gear or arrive with only your kayak shoes and a dream, Schroon Lake welcomes you to their namesake lake. It's over four-thousand acres of fun. This charming resort town has been famous for summer hospitality since the late 19th century. And when it comes to the lake, nothing has changed. Historic summer getawayThe Leland House was a resort hotel built in
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on Mar 28, 2017
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We know how to blend nature and civilization. But when it comes to fishing, the more civilization can take a back seat, the better our anglers like it. In spring, our clear cold waters show off their powers, especially those classic early-season angling delights, trout and salmon. They make for both great eating and great fishing! Let's talk troutSchroon Lake, and the stretch of the Schroon
Submitted by Suzanne Maye on Jan 13, 2017
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Schroon Lake is a popular fishing destination year round. With 9 miles of length and over 4000 surface acres in an incredibly picturesque setting, it is naturally attractive. But there are other factors that make it so appealing to fishermen. Principally, of course, it’s the plentiful presence of so many sport fish — landlocked salmon, pike, pickerel, lake trout, small and large mouth bass, among
Submitted by Shaun Kittle on Jul 07, 2016
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If you're into fishing, the name says it all: Schroon Lake. The region is located just south of the Adirondack High Peaks, an area typified by jagged mountains and rugged, tumbling brooks. But while Schroon Lake has its share of rivers, including the mighty Hudson, it's also dotted with a seemingly endless amount of waterbodies. To a fishing layman like myself, it might seem like streams and