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The weekend of November 18 and 19 is going to be a special one for hunters. Gift and treasure hunters, that is. This is the weekend for both Holiday Craft Fairs, one in Schroon Lake and another two-day fair in Newcomb. Craft fairs might be my favorite place to shop for gifts for people I love, and to find things I love. I love wearable artI tell my husband he lucked out, in many ways, of course!
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The Schroon Lake area has a wonderful romantic history. Fall is a glorious time for a couple's getaway, with beautiful scenery, delightful places for cozy dinners, and lots of fireplaces to hold hands by. The famous Scaroon Manor Resort saw lots and lots of summer romances, many of which became all-year-round romances. A couple's getaway in the Schroon Lake region offers a wonderful world for
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Fall is such a lovely time in the Schroon Lake Region. Our acres of forest blaze into visual action. Then they are reflected from our crystalline lakes and reached via our miles of hiking paths or some of the most scenic drives in all of the Adirondacks. There are also some wonderful events that might give you new ideas for how to best enjoy this crisp and colorful time of year. Most rowdyEvery
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Summer is in full swing, and June's warm weather and long days encourage us to fill our calendars with outdoor activities and seasonal celebrations. One significant event that takes place this month should definitely find space on your calendar, particularly for Christian music lovers. It's a Christian music festival, right in the Schroon Lake Region. With late-June temperatures warming our
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Schroon Lake is a popular fishing destination year round. With 9 miles of length and over 4000 surface acres in an incredibly picturesque setting, it is naturally attractive. But there are other factors that make it so appealing to fishermen. Principally, of course, it’s the plentiful presence of so many sport fish — landlocked salmon, pike, pickerel, lake trout, small and large mouth bass, among