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Summer is in full swing, and June's warm weather and long days encourage us to fill our calendars with outdoor activities and seasonal celebrations. One significant event that takes place this month should definitely find space on your calendar, particularly for Christian music lovers. It's a Christian music festival, right in the Schroon Lake Region. With late-June temperatures warming our
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Schroon Lake is a popular fishing destination year round. With 9 miles of length and over 4000 surface acres in an incredibly picturesque setting, it is naturally attractive. But there are other factors that make it so appealing to fishermen. Principally, of course, it’s the plentiful presence of so many sport fish — landlocked salmon, pike, pickerel, lake trout, small and large mouth bass, among
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12,000+ Acre Playground with a National Historic Landmark With the Adirondacks blanketed in fresh snow, don’t we all look for opportunities to get out and play a bit? I was recently inspired by a blog from our archives that talked of cross-country skiing into Camp Santanoni. I have to admit, I have yet to go there. I knew it was one of our Adirondack cultural treasures; an historic great camp
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It’s finally the holiday season! I love the holidays because it’s just one big party for more than a month straight. Seeing friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, meeting new people and making new friends - there's so much fun in store each holiday season! Schroon Lake is a wonderful place to head for the holidays. The town has a holiday decorating contest each year, so the streets are
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The Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival will be celebrating its 20th year in 2016. This event has become known as one of the premier running events in the Northeast, giving runners breathtaking views as the run along the shores of Schroon Lake, NY. The following is a first-hand account of what to expect on race day, and why so many runners love this great event! Read on, lace up, and join us on