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You don’t have to own a Hobie Cat sailboat to participate in the third annual Schroon Lake Hobie Cat Regatta. The regatta happens every Father's Day weekend — this year it’s June 15-17. Event organizer Glen Repko said about 30 Hobie Cats will take to the water. That’s 30 brightly colored sails, all traversing Schroon Lake at 25 knots to the delight of spectators and sailors alike. The best part
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This coming St. Patrick's Day, Flanagan's Pub & Grill turns 21. If you are looking for an Irish good time on this festive holiday, they are ready for you. But then, every day is a fine day to go to Flanagan's. Pub is short for Public Houses, which distinguished them as a place where all were welcome, unlike the more affluent "Private Houses" which charged membership fees. When 19th century
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The Newcomb Winterfest is more than a celebration of all things winter, it’s also a glimpse into life in the Adirondacks. The free event happens Jan. 13 in Newcomb from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ruth and David Olbert, owners of Cloud-Splitter Outfitters, explained that life in the Adirondacks doesn’t end when it gets cold. Instead, people adapt. And skis help, too. “It’s truly a lifestyle because we
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To a lot of people, winter is not a season for fun. But maybe... you just haven't gone to the right place, or tried it in the right way. Sometimes, it can be amazing to simply shift your perspective. Fun bundlingThere's a saying in the Adirondacks that goes, "There's no bad weather, only bad dressing for it." I have found this to be very true. A warm coat that covers your whole torso, attention
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The weekend of November 18 and 19 is going to be a special one for hunters. Gift and treasure hunters, that is. This is the weekend for both Holiday Craft Fairs, one in Schroon Lake and another two-day fair in Newcomb. Craft fairs might be my favorite place to shop for gifts for people I love, and to find things I love. I love wearable artI tell my husband he lucked out, in many ways, of course!