Submitted by Pamela Merritt on Mar 03, 2017
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The way we start our day can set a tone for the next twenty-four hours. Perhaps that is the appeal of Bed and Breakfasts. Get those two needs properly covered, and have a wonderful time going forward. We were "early adopters" of the B&B concept, since so many of our hotels were located in lovely, but remote, places, and they needed to be everything for their guests. While no Grand Hotels
Submitted by Pamela Merritt on Feb 17, 2017
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It's a history museum, a unique winter trek, and a social occasion like no other. It's a Camp Santanoni Winter Weekend. Camp Santanoni is a famous Great Camp/Farm Complex that has become a unique backcountry attraction. Now known as Camp Santanoni Preserve, it hosts three winter weekend events where people can ski in, enjoy the many activities, and celebrate an extraordinary Adirondack landmark
Submitted by Kim Andresen on Dec 04, 2016
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Ever wonder what happens to a popular warm-weather attraction when the cold weather descends and the snow starts to fly? Last season we got a chance to solve this mystery and enjoy some quality girl time along the way! Setting the stageSo, it’s a relatively warm winter day with temps reaching a balmy 23 degrees. Considering the recent below chilly days, it almost feels like spring. It’s time to
Submitted by Jess Collier on Nov 10, 2016
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It’s finally the holiday season! I love the holidays because it’s just one big party for more than a month straight. Seeing friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, meeting new people and making new friends - there's so much fun in store each holiday season! Schroon Lake is a wonderful place to head for the holidays. The town has a holiday decorating contest each year, so the streets are
Submitted by Sue Cameron on Aug 22, 2016
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I have a nostalgic streak that draws me to historic places. When deciding which attractions to visit this season, I went off the familiar path and chose an Adirondack attraction I had driven past the signs for all my life but never visited. I was excited at the prospect of finally visiting this natural wonder. One of our oldest and best attractionsNatural Stone Bridge and Caves is one of the