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Walk through the campus of the Seagle Music Colony and you’ll be met with the beautiful strains of sopranos and baritones drifting across the summer air from all directions. There are myriad rehearsal spaces at this intense vocal training camp, a piano in nearly every nook and cranny, and the performers definitely make use of all of them. The Seagle Music Colony is the oldest summer vocal
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There’s an Adirondack *Shakespeare* Company?Guest Blogger: Tara Bradway You may be so fortunate as to live right here in the Adirondacks, or you may be so fortunate as to get to vacation here each year, or you may be so fortunate as to have your first Adirondack adventure in your future. No matter which, you may or may not be so fortunate as to have been introduced to the Adirondack Shakespeare
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Schroon Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Adirondack Region. It's also home to approximately 1,500 year-round residents, and in the summer that number swells to nearly 5,000 with summer homeowners. Schroon Lake is also renowned for its therapeutic qualities, having hundreds of visitors come from around the world to sit on its shores and rejeuvenate. These vistors are mostly
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Arts are a vital component of the Schroon Lake Region’s summer calendar. As a matter of fact, the oldest summer music school in the United States has its home in Schroon Lake. The beauty of the landscape and the clean mountain air could have a little bit to do with inspiring artists, whether they reside here or visit. Some of America’s most acclaimed painters have spent time capturing the
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Just a hop, skip and a jump from New York City is a State Park larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier and the Great Smokies National Parks combined, called the Adirondack Park (the Adirondacks or ADKs). The word Adirondack was a name given by the Mohawk tribe meaning “barkeaters.” The Adirondacks is the largest National Historic Landmark and covers over 6 million acres. The Park