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View in seclusion, the Hoffman Notch WildernessJimbo and I had a plan. Well, I had a plan, and Jim was all about coming along for the ride. I have driven by the North Hudson exit off I-87 probably a hundred times now, and over the course of those passings I always feast my eyes on this one particular peak that rests over the top of Palmer Pond. I had always assumed it was Squaw Mountain from a
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DID YOU KNOW that Snyder Hill has one of the most fascinating hidden views?Snyder Hill? Where’s Snyder Hill? Well it’s not far from the town center of Schroon Lake. If you locate Hoffman Road and follow it toward the small Hamlet of Irishtown you will drive right beneath it. From the road you can see it clearly and if you look close you can see the cliffs residing near the summit. Now, more
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A Schroon Lake AdventureVanderwhacker Mountain is a pretty popular hike, mainly because it has a fire tower and falls on the Adirondack Fire Tower Challenge list of peaks. However, these other two gems in the region rarely fall within the sights of hikers. I’m talking about Oliver Hill and Snyder Hill located just east of Irishtown and west of Schroon Lake. A friend of mine reached out a few days
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The Pharaoh MountainsIf seven-packs actually existed, this would be a forerunner in the Adirondack Park. My chum Jim and I had no idea what we were in store for when I dreamed up this wilderness traverse. The only thing we knew was that one of the hills would be at least a decent payoff, according to what we have read and researched, but the other six were total mysteries. The Dam Hill to No. 8
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Save your knees and gain two extra feet“What should I look for in a trekking pole? Do they really make a difference?”... I get questions like this a lot while out on the trail. While trekking poles are relatively simple to use, they can be confusing to purchase. Not only are there several different brands out there to choose from, but you have key features to consider like materials, basket size