Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on Feb 04, 2016
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A love affair with an outdoor activity all comes with time and it often starts out simply - y'know, with hanging out with friends, then a first date, then the dating scene, and then all out true love and for a lack of better terms, “a long lasting marriage.” Oh...I remember it like it was yesterday. Hanging out with friendsIt all starts out with some fun and games; you hike around on local
Submitted by Brooke O'Neil on Feb 02, 2016
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Walk into any gin mill during sledding season and you are bound to hear: “Ski don’t!” “Artic Scrap!” “Yamaha-ha-ha-ha!” "Polaris – pull off lake and repair in spring"… We are as serious about our sleds that we ride as we are about the gear that we wear to ride them. You will notice that most people that ride seriously wear gear that matches their sleds… men, women and children. Not only does the
Submitted by Guest Blogger on Jan 24, 2016
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Submitted by Guest Blogger: Brooke Clark The ride to Schroon Lake was always far too long when I was heading up to ride snowmobiles with my dad. I would wait for him to pull into the driveway, only to run out at top speed to climb in and go! He had the most beautiful sled with a leopard seat, and the smell! Oh, how I loved the smell when he got that machine started. I am so fortunate that I
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on Jan 20, 2016
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When it comes to exploring there isn’t much I won’t do to find that hidden gem or secluded view, and in doing so I sometimes don’t use my best judgement. Of course most days start out with a solid plan, and that plan usually works out to be a good one and we go with it, BUT... Simply put, the winter of 2016 has not been all that predictable and snow conditions have varied quite a bit. We had a
Submitted by Tammy Whitty-Brown on Jan 18, 2016
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The Adirondack Mountains — and the townships within them —are beautiful places to live and visit. Travelers come from around the world to spend time here because of the scenery, the outdoor activities, the hospitality of the local people, and the unique businesses that are scattered throughout our region. However, the reality of the Adirondacks is this: It is a challenge to live here year-round!