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12,000+ Acre Playground with a National Historic Landmark With the Adirondacks blanketed in fresh snow, don’t we all look for opportunities to get out and play a bit? I was recently inspired by a blog from our archives that talked of cross-country skiing into Camp Santanoni. I have to admit, I have yet to go there. I knew it was one of our Adirondack cultural treasures; an historic great camp
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2016 Top 3 Blogs In ReviewWe scoured our blogs for the most popular, most informative, and just downright funniest pieces from the past year. In case you missed them when they were originally published, here are our top three picks from the Schroon Lake Region. Enjoy! 3) Take the scenic driveThe sun is shining, the top is down on the Jeep, and the radio is playing — it's a beautiful early-fall
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Boreal birding is fantastic in the western Essex County towns of Newcomb and Minerva. There is substantial boreal habitat and much of it can be accessed along roadways for easy car-birding. For a quieter experience, there are many trails where a hiker can wander in captivating boreal forest or paddle calm waters. In the winter, there are snowshoe and cross-country ski options. Birding Along
Submitted by Kim Andresen on Dec 18, 2016
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Blogger's note: Last week, I decided to be a crazy mom and surprise my seven-year-old son with a day playing hooky - his first missed day of the year! We decided to extend our weekend in the Adirondacks' Schroon Lake Region with a bonus Monday meant for holiday exploring and maybe a little playing in the snow, and of course, dining out! We felt naughty. Skipping school, what rebels we were! Of
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THE GIFT OF ADIRONDACK ADVENTURE Here in the Adirondacks, we’re a hearty bunch. Those of us who have staked out a path to live here year round consider ourselves fortunate to reside in the most healthy, beautiful landscape in the east. We thrive on the creativity it sometimes requires to prosper throughout the bustling, fast-paced summer and fall seasons AND the crisp, clear months of winter