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Hiking the Pigeon Lake WildernessMoxham Mountain is a fairly new trail to Essex County and is located in the Town of Minerva in the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest. The trail was built by the Student Conservation Association (CSA) in July of 2012 to give access to the public to a true Adirondack gem. This trail is a well laid out scenic route of 2.7 miles, on a moderate approach to a partially
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5 Sweet Peaks With Sweet PeeksWhat, the High Peaks are closed!!!!???? Well, no, they are not closed, but it is highly recommended that you stay off the higher elevation trails while they dry out for the season. The DEC, ADK, and other trail crews work very hard to keep the trails you love so much from deteriorating during the months where water and mud are present in abundance. Excessive mud
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Satellite-Projected Image of Blue Line to be ImplementedSchroon Lake, N.Y. — Originally proposed in 1885, the installation of a visible boundary to define the borders of the Adirondack Park is finally a reality. The new border will consist of a satellite-projected image of a blue line, designed to commemorate the blue ink that was used to define the Park boundaries when they were first drawn on
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A morning of exploring in the Siamese Ponds WildernessThe Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area is one of the largest Wilderness areas in the Adirondack Park. It extends some 24 miles north and south, 18 miles east and west, and is made up of over 114,000 acres of Forest Preserve lands. During the early 1900s logging became an important industry in the region, and most of the Wilderness area was heavily
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We already know that Schroon Lake is known as a “summer haven for culture,” and music is a huge part of that. The musical styles that are popular here are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they’re still both very Adirondack. From opera and musical theaterSeagle Music Colony grooms young artists for opera and musical theater. It’s the oldest summer vocal training program in the U.S.,