Blog Entries in May 2015

Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on May 30, 2015
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The Science of Pack FittingFitting a backpack can be very hard work and quite frustrating outside of a well-experienced gear shop. However, many of your best deals can be found online and that is why it’s very important to get some basics down before you take that chance and order something from across the country (which you may just end up having to return). It also helps to know what you are
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on May 24, 2015
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Buck MountainThe Adirondacks are just loaded with "Buck Mountains" and "Buck Hills," and today’s short stroll was one that I had not yet visited. Saturday was one of those days where I had a few hours to get in some fun and adventure before I had to get back to the daily routine and get some work done in the garden. I set off in the borrowed puddle-jumper that I am using while my car is being
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on May 19, 2015
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How to pack your pack...The question of what to bring on a summer hike is much more in-depth than one might think. Before you even try to answer it, first you have to hammer out a few details. Ask yourself: Where do I plan to hike? What’s the weather supposed to be? etc... I have spent countless hours and miles in the High Peaks (and on much smaller outdoor excursions) and I think that I have a
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on May 15, 2015
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The Start of a Pharoah Mountain Wilderness AdventureIt has been quite some time since I wandered about in the Pharaoh Mountain Wilderness Area. My last trip brought me to a couple of remote peaks in some pretty deep snow, I might add. Late spring brings the warm smell of decaying pine needles and leaves from the autumn coat. Wildflowers start to emerge, waters start to warm up, tributaries are
Submitted by Sue Cameron on May 15, 2015
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I WAS BITTEN BY THE CAMPING BUGSo, I’m admittedly crazy about car camping. My husband and I camp regularly. We have a 3-tiered shelf of camping supplies organized in our garage. There's something for every situation. The planning and packing is every bit as good as the experience once on site. I guess it's the anticipation of another wonderful experience in the Adirondack Park that makes the