Blog Entries in January 2015

Submitted by Joan Collins on Jan 26, 2015
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The ten-mile round trip cross-country ski to Great Camp Santanoni is a classic Adirondack journey to a storied destination. Open House during Three Winter Weekends at Great Camp SantanoniThis year, my husband George Yellott, and friends Pat and John Thaxton, and I skied to Great Camp Santanoni during the first of three New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NYS DEC) “
Submitted by Kim Andresen on Jan 25, 2015
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An Adirondack Tradition... That was this week's blog theme. There are so many in this area, it was hard to pinpoint exactly which way to head. I could talk about feeding bear at the dump - remember those days? Or how about tubing the Schroon on a hot summer day? Climbing Mt. Severance for the first time, and crossing through the under-highway tunnels? Skiing at the Golf Course? Ohhhhh the choices
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on Jan 19, 2015
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Nordic skiing in the Schroon Lake Region-A half dozen easy to moderate locationsThe Schroon Lake Region stretches far and wide, allowing for dozens of possibilities for cross-country skiing. From Ticonderoga to North Hudson the boundary is seemingly endless. Schroon Lake village makes for an excellent basecamp location for a long weekend or an extended vacation with the family, so why not pull
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on Jan 17, 2015
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Cliff Mountain--A winter herd-path traditionAs many of you may know Cliff Mountain, standing at 3944’, is part of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks - but under current criteria that just doesn’t measure up. When the 46 High Peaks were originally measured for height, Cliff was surveyed at being over 4000’ in elevation, later to be revealed as not. Cliff Mountain still resides on the list, as it should
Submitted by Kim Andresen on Jan 13, 2015
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So, it’s a relatively warm winter day with temps reaching a balmy 23 degrees. Considering the recent below zero days, it almost feels like spring. It’s time to get out and try something new. And, if there is one thing I have been long overdue at trying, it’s snowshoeing. Today, my partner-in-adventure is Gabrielle. She’s home from college on winter break, and since Oliver is in school, this is