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Submitted by Kim Andresen on Nov 16, 2014
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Editor's note: When thinking about football and traditions, I often think back to this fun afternoon and the start of our own little post-game tradition. While I know there are several great places in the Schroon Lake Region to catch the big game on the big screen, this is how we often choose to spend our gameday. It's fun to note how much these two businesses have grown since we first printed
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on Nov 14, 2014
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Exploring the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness5 Family-Friendly HikesThe Pharaoh Lake Wilderness is located north of Schroon Lake with Route 74 bordering it to the north, East Shore Road to the west, and a small portion of Route 8 at the south end. The wilderness area is 1,100 acres in area, with around 70 miles of trails, and over three dozen bodies of water – not to mention the miles upon miles of
Submitted by Spencer Morrissey on Nov 06, 2014
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Theodore Roosevelt was not only one of the few presidents of the United States that many feel were born to do the job, but a true activist for the Adirondacks and wilderness. Roosevelt’s love of wilderness and our Adirondack Park would take an unforeseen turn in 1901, which no one had dreamed of and would put him in the front seat for a wilderness campaign. On September 6th, 1901, President
Submitted by Kim Rielly on Nov 03, 2014
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This is my favorite time of year, (if you don’t count summer). Seriously, one might find it odd, but I actually enjoy what some here call “stick season,” that stretch of leafless, snowless time that exists between the brilliant reds and oranges of fall foliage and the exhilarating snow-covered white of winter. It’s a break of an unpredictable amount of time during which one can hike or trail run