Blog Entries in March 2013

Submitted by Elizabeth Lee on Mar 22, 2013
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In Newcomb there is a world of forest and some superb views. The spring bonus snow we got last weekend made a hike up Goodnow Mountain even better than expected. The heavy snow that fell the week before had been sitting for a few days and made a sturdy base so we were able to climb without snowshoes. Three inches of mega-crystalline super-fluff on the surface made everything twinkle.The
Submitted by Steve Piatt on Mar 19, 2013
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It's not unusual some winters to have ice fishing season extend well into March on many waters, after daylight saving time goes into effect, when you can fish in comfort on some of those special 45-degree days,leisurely watching your tip-ups and maybe even doing some venison on your portable Coleman stove while you wait for a flag to pop. There have been some days when I've even returned