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Submitted by Paula Piatt on Feb 20, 2013
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You've seen the photos. A solitary fisherman, sitting on a bucket on a windswept lake as the sun sets on the horizon.That's not the Schroon Lake Ice Fishing Derby.There's not too many buckets, and the sun is high in the sky. And you won't find much solitude. As the region's most popular ice fishing derby, the annual Schroon Lake fest, now in its 21st year, regularly pulls hundreds of ice anglers
Submitted by Elizabeth Lee on Feb 08, 2013
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Tags: Hiking
This week I had to drive south for a conference and felt the usual twinge of regret to leave the mountains. I decided to break up the trip with a walk to see the view from Mount Severance in Schroon Lake. It's the perfect diversion from a ride in the car—long enough to stretch your back but not so tough you need a change of clothes when you get down, at least in winter.Just before the trail head