Blog Entries in December 2012

Submitted by Steve Piatt on Dec 17, 2012
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When you live in the Adirondacks and hunt and fish, you become a de facto guide simply by the number of friends from outside the region who want to come up and visit and experience the outdoor opportunities this spectacular place offers.I can usually accommodate them, especially if we're talking about spring gobblers. Maybe even deer; I did, in fact, lead a Pennsylvania pal deep into the bush a
Submitted by Kim Rielly on Dec 16, 2012
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The WHOLE time, it was just Kevin, Katie, a couple ravens, a few chickadees and me.Ever since I hiked to Oxshoe Pond last winter, I've wanted to go back to the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness and tackle its namesake mountain.We decided to take advantage of a sunny day last weekend. And though there are not-quite-winter conditions yet, cold but no real snow accumulation, I thought we might see SOMEone on
Submitted by Elizabeth Lee on Dec 10, 2012
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Tags: Hiking
I'm more of a skater than an angler so I use any hike I can to check for ice. This week I went to Hammond Pond. An easy walk on a wide trail leads through pretty forest to a wide spillway where you get a great look at Bloody Mountain. It's hard to say why someone would name a mountain Bloody Mountain. The youngsters who were with me were intrigued but they said we shouldn't stay too late in the
Submitted by Steve Piatt on Dec 03, 2012
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It's almost inconceivable that Schroon Lake can sometimes fly under the ice fishing radar, shoved off into the corner by the sprawling waters of nearby Lake Champlain and its incredible winter perch fishery, as well as the smelt that annually spark the creation of mini ice hut villages on places like Bulwagga Bay.But make no mistake, Schroon Lake does, in fact, have a following of its own among